10 Easy Certifications To Get Online

This page features top 10 easy certifications to get online and boost your career and earnings.

Online certifications are certifications gotten by taking educational courses via the internet in a specific subject area or learning field. The programs often last for a year or less.

Online certification programs is a good way to attain knowledge and skills in the particular area of focus. It is quite useful in starting a new career or advancing an existing career path.

Online certificates are quite valuable. According to Forbes, they can fetch 13% – 25% salary boost for an individual.

Which Organization(S) Offer Online Certificates?

Online certificates can be offered by various organizations. Even though it is an academic sort of a thing, it is not limited to schools alone. Universities, private companies, professional organizations can offer online certificates.

Benefits Of Online Certifications

  • You can study at the comfort of your home without having to run around campus or institutions. Traveling is out of the equation.
  • Online courses timetable are designed to be flexible, more of a learning at the learners time comfort, so there is no need of you leaving your job for it
  • You can take online certification in any field, discipline, subject or course area.
  • Taking Online Certifications can really help your networking capacity and reach.
  • Your career can be boosted with online certifications. Salary can be increased, you can get a job with it, promotions can come courtesy of the new skill and knowledge acquired

These are some of the benefits of online certifications

Top 10 Easy Certifications To Get Online

If you are looking to check out the easiest online certification options available that you can put in for, then you have landed on the right page. Below is a list of 10 of the easiest yet in demand online certifications available and some information about some of them. Enjoy as you learn.

  • Language Certifications

Perhaps you are interested in learning a particular new language or you may want to improve your knowledge of one already acquired, whichever it is, language certification is one of the easiest online certifications available.

Perhaps you are stepping in to a new country or a new linguistic territory where you know little or nothing about the language around. An online language certification can just do the deed.

  • Human Resources Certifications

Online certifications in human resources are one of the easiest to obtain. It’s not just about the ease of obtaining it, it is also about the fact that the skill is high in demand in the labor market. Some respected platforms offer human resources courses at a fee, while some offer it free of charge.

If you are working in a human resources position and your discipline is not really human resources, you might want to consider this certification to boost your CV, knowledge and skill base.

Taking this certification will allow you to learn the basics of human resources management structure and operations and its application to employees, employers, coworkers and so on.

Some of the best human resources certification courses available includes; associate professional in human resources -HR Certification Institute, Administrative HR for Beginners – Udemy, certified profession – SHRM, the academy to innovate HR-AIHR, foundation certificate in human resource practices – Chartered institute of personnel development

  • Marketing Certification

Either it is digital Marketing or any other type of marketing, the marketing field is one of the most common and easiest online certifications available.

The certification teaches about the needed tools and the technical knowhow to handle the tools for effective marketing approach, plan, and operation. You will be well able to master you marketing platform with marketing certification.

Many platforms offer online marketing certification for free, while some offer the program at a fee. Some of the best online marketing certifications available free of charge include but not limited to; Inbound Marketing , Fundamentals of digital marketing, email marketing certification, content marketing certification, social media marketing certifications, and so on.

Many of these certifications can be gotten on good platforms such as Udemy, eMarketing institute, Coursera, Saylor.org and so on.

  • Computer Software Programming Certification

Yes, it is sure that programming is more about what you can do with codes that the certificate obtained. However, getting certified in programming is a quite beneficial thing for your career, especially if the certification came from a tech company whose name ring a bell around the world.

The experience and skill it offers is too good to turn away. Coding certification can get you knowledge of fundamentals of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and so on.

All over the world, coding is a skill that is quite high in demand, thanks to the speedy bliss of technology as never before in the last few years.

  • Project Management Certification

If you are filling a role that has to do with project management or has your eyes on one in the future, then you really need to consider an online project management certification.

With the certification, you can boost your project management knowledge skills and add another good leave to your CV.

Topics covered under project management certification includes but not limited to risk management, time management, cost estimation, communication, and so on.

Whatever your area of discipline, as long as you have a broad knowledge base, this certification is available.

  • First Aid Certification

It is common knowledge that one of the most in demand knowledge and skill around the world is in the line of the health discipline. A good first aid knowledge is useful in every organization even if the operations are not health related.

First aid strong hands and minds are always useful in every place, even if it is just for the sake of emergency cases. Also, certain positions in some organizations require employees to have first aid knowledge before being considered qualified and suitable for the position in question.

Online first aide certifications take just a few days to obtain in most cases, and the fees is quite cheap in many quarters.

With a first aid certification, you get equipped with knowledge and skills on how to respond to medical situations before arrival of medical professionals.

  • Google Analytics Certification

That Google is one of the leading names in technology around the world in the last 2 decades is not in question.

Google analytics is one of the easiest online certifications available. It is offered by Google and is quite useful in getting specialized certifications such as video advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising and so on.

A certification in Google analytics gives a very big competitive advantage to an employee compared to those without it.

Other certifications are:

  • IT (Information Technology) Certifications
  • Certificate in Leadership
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Customer Relationship Management Certification

Final Words On The Easy Certifications To Get Online

These are ten of the easy online certification fields available. The courses are easy to grasp, don’t take much time, and the fees are not neck breaking.

How about selecting one from the pool and adding a fresh knowledge and skill to yourself? Please share this piece while at it.

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