How To Get C++ Course Certification

Interested in programming? Is C++ your most preferred programming language? Want to know how to obtain a C++ course certification?

In this piece, you will learn some things about the C++ programming language and how to obtain its certification, plus, you will also get to learn some stuff about programming languages in general. Follow patiently as we proceed

What Are Programming Languages?

A programming language simply put is a type of language that instructs a computer on what to do. It is a computer language used by developers/programmers to communicate to a computer. It is used to develop instruction sets such as scripts, software programs and so on.

Types of Programming Languages

There are various types of programming languages, and the list include;

  • Object-Oriented Programming Language

Object-Oriented Programming languages are programming languages that organizes software design around objects or data, rather than logic and functions.

They are useful for developing system simulation software and mobile apps. Examples of Object-Oriented Programming language includes; JavaScript PHP, perl, Ruby, Python, Java, C#, C++, Kotlin, Smalltalk, Objective-C Scala, Swift, Objective-C, MATLAB and so on.

  • Procedural Programming Language

In procedural programming language, a procedure can be called at any time either by other procedures or by itself during the programs execution.

Examples of Procedural programming languages are FORTRAN, ALGOL, BASIC COBOL, PASCAL and C. If compared with Object-Oriented Programming, procedural programming is not as secured.

  • Scripting Programming Language

Scripting language is a type of programming language used for automation of execution of operations in a runtime environment. Examples of Scripting languages are; Python, Ruby, JavaScript and so on.

  • Logic Programming Language

Logic programming language just as the name implies is a programming language which is based on logic, that is, it has sentences that follows logic and therefore expresses rules and facts. Examples are; Alma-0, Alice, Ciao,  Absys, CHIP, and so on.

About C++

The C++ programming language is a middle level, general purpose, Object-Oriented programming language. It can be coded in a ‘C’ style as it is an extension of the ‘C’ programming language. It is also recognized as a sort of a hybrid language.

The first appearance of the C++ programming language was 37 years ago in 1985 with a Danish Bjarne Stroustrup, acknowledged as its designer.

The C++ programming languages is used for low-level stuff almost everywhere. Talk of Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, apps, gaming engines, interpreters, compilers, databases, banking apps, graphic apps, distributed systems, cloud storage systems, C++ is all over the place.

C++ is not a programing language that has the potential of becoming obsolete in the coming decade. Actually, the demand for it will keep rising. Part of the rising for the rising is the popularity of embedded systems such as smart watches and IoT devices.

C++ Guiding Principles

The C++ programming language has been guided by a set of principles throughout its life, evolution and development.

  • Programmers should have the freedom of picking their own programming style, and the picked style should be fully supported by C++
  • Every feature must not just be implementable, but there should also be an obvious way to carry out the implementation
  • The language must be driven by actual problems, with features that should be immediately useful in solving real world problems
  • More important than C++ misuse prevention is the allowance of a useful feature.
  • Features that are unused should not impact created executables negatively.
  • The same support and performance had by built in types should be found with user created types
  • It should be compatible alongside with other programming languages, and not try to foster its own incompatible separate programming environment.
  • Except assembly language, there should be no language beneath the C++
  • The programs should be allow to specify by manual control if the programmer’s intent is unknown
  • The language should provide facilities for organization of programs into well-defined separate parts.
  • There are the principles that has been guiding the C++ programming language since its evolution.

How To Get C++ Course Certification

There are many means by which you can get C++ certification. Many avenues exist through which you can learn C++. These avenues include;

  • Online Course or Online Blogs
  • Classroom Training
  • Books
  • Hands on experiences and Real Project.

These are some of the avenues through which you can learn C++.

Having a Certification for your C++ skill and knowledge has a lot of advantages. Some of the advantages it gives you as a C++ developer includes but not limited to;

  • Skills Validation
  • Unprecedented career opportunities and openings
  • competitive advantage among peers
  • Improved salary packages

Many good platforms are available online for your C++ certification with good curriculum package to give you a smooth ride in learning and getting certified in the language. Course materials includes books, videos, blog posts, and so on.

Some of the best available platforms for C++ Certification are; Coursera, Udemy, Pluralsight, Codecademy, and so on.

Advantages of C++ Programming Language

What are the advantages offered by the C++ Programming language? Why should it be the ideal choice for an aspiring developer? Here are some benefits C++ offers to answer this question;

  • Memory Management
  • Portability
  • Object-Oriented
  • Scalability
  • Large Community Support
  • Multi Paradigm
  • Similarity and compatibility with other languages
  • It is Powerful and fast
  • The C++ market is quite huge
  • Has a standard library

These are some of the benefits and advantages you get to enjoy if C++ is your choice programming language. Apart from these advantages listed here, many of the goodies offered by this 37 year old programming language has already been mentioned at some point in this piece when discussing about C++. You may want to scroll back up and read again to get them in case you have not.

Best C++ Course Certification To Get Today

If you desire to choose from a list of the best C++ certification available, then we have a list for you here to answer that. You may freely make a selection that you deem fit from the following list;

  • Star C++ Certification
  • Beginning C++ programming- Udemy
  • Basic C++ Certification – edX
  • C++ Courses and Tutorial online-Pluralsight
  • Learn C++ (Codecademy)
  • Learn C++ Programming – Beginner to Advance – Deep Dive in C++ -Udemy
  • Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games-Udemy

In Summary

That is all about how to get C++ course certification and its benefits in this piece. Sure you’ve really learnt a lot. Please endeavor to share this article online!

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