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The Hope Scholarship Program is for students in grades kindergarten through 12 who are registered in a Florida public school and have been harassed, bullied, threatened, assaulted and or other violent acts to transfer to another public school or register in a private school (approved).

Starting with the 2018-19 school year, a student registered in a Florida public-school in kindergarten through grade 12 and has been subjected to an incident of battery; hazing; harassment; bullying; physical attack; kidnapping; robbery; sexual offenses, assault, threat, intimidation; or fighting at school.

Such student will be given the opportunity to transfer to another public-school with capacity or register in an approved private-school under the Hope Scholarship. Incidents reported may undergo thorough investigation.

However, there do not have to be evidence on the part of the investigation to offer a transfer to another public-school with capacity or the ability for the student to move to an eligible private-school on scholarship.

School district personnel in Florida is responsible to notify families of the Hope Scholarship Program.

Families can choose either of the following:

  1. Financial assistance toward private-school fees and tuition.
  2. Financial assistance alongside transportation to a public-school in another school district.


Once a student submits a report of an incident that occurred on or after the 1st of August, 2018, the school principal, or the student’s designee will carry out a thorough investigation concerning the incident.

Once the investigation is duly complete, or within fifteen days after the incident was reported, whichever occurs first, the principal, or the student’s designee must notify the parent about the Hope Scholarship Program, and provide the parent with completed Form IEPC-HS1 (Hope Scholarship Notification Form).

Form IEPC-HS1 is required for Step Up For Students to determine scholarship eligibility.

How To Apply For Hope Scholarship Florida

When applications are being accepted online, you need to know the following before you apply:

  • The incident must have occurred on or after the 1st of August, 2018.
  • A report of an incident must be submitted to the school principal or student’s designee so that proper investigation will be carried out concerning the incident.
  • Upon the completion of the investigation, Form IEPC-HS1 is required to be submitted with applicants online Hope Scholarship application to aid Step Up For Students determine scholarship eligibility.
  • Please ensure that all parts of the form are duly completed by the principal or your designee. Submitting a form that is not fully completed will delay the application process.
  • Applications are processed in a first-come, first-serve basis. Scholarships are awarded to qualified students in the order applications were received, pending funding availability. Priority are given to renewal students (i.e students who were on the Hope Scholarship the previous school year).

Can Hope Scholarship Be Forfeited?

Hope scholarship is forfeited when a parent/guardian enrolls his or her child/ward in a public-school or the student is enrolled in a Juvenile Justice Commitment program.

  • A student is ineligible for Hope scholarship while he or she is:
  • A benefactor of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, McKay Scholarship or Gardiner Scholarship.
  • A part of a home education program.
  • Takes part in a private tutoring program pursuant to section 1002.43, Florida Statuses.
  • Takes part in a virtual school, distance learning program, or corresponding school that receives state funding unless the participation is limited to no more than 2 courses per year.
  • Registered in the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Responsibilities Of Parents/Guardians Of A Hope Scholarship Recipient

The responsibilities of a parent/guardian of a Hope Scholarship recipient are as follows:

  • Choose an eligible private-school and apply for the admission of his or her child/ward;
  • Inform the child’s school district when the parent/guardian withdraws his or her child/ward to attend an eligible private-school within fifteen days of that decision;
  • Make sure the recipient of the Hope Scholarship remains in attendance all through the school year unless excused by the school for illness or other good cause;
  • Ensure that the student participating in the scholarship program takes the norm-referenced test offered by the private-school.
  • Request from the school district for the student to take the state-wide assessment test, 1008.22, Florida Statuses (F.S), and provide transportation to the test site appointed by the district (if desired);
  • Limitedly approve or endorse a funds transfer of the scholarship payment to the private-school for deposit into the account of the private-school.

Scholarship Funding Organizations

The Scholarship Funding Organizations below are approved to manage and administer the Hope Scholarship, the Family Empowerment Scholarship, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, and the Reading Scholarship Programs.

A.A.A. Scholarship Foundation

The AAA Scholarship Foundation team has invested more than eighteen years devoted to passionately advocating for the under-represented, under-served and academically disadvantaged members of the communities.

AAA Scholarship Foundation is committed to being the pre-eminent Tax Credit Scholarship administrators in the U.S. Their active team has the combined experience unmatched with any other Tax Credit Scholarship organization.

Their extensive history of creating the highest-level of accountability benchmarks has led to programs that take the corporate community’s requirement for accountability and efficiency seriously while they are still able to provide their donors with easy means of participation.

Step Up For Students

Step Up For Students is a state-approved non-profit scholarship funding organization that assist to administer four scholarships for Florida school children as follows:

The Hope Scholarship for public school students who are victims of violence or bullied.

The Reading Scholarship Accounts for public-school students in 3rd through 5th grade who struggle with reading.

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC Program), which is for lower – middle income families in the state of Florida.

The Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) for lower – middle income families and students with unique abilities who resides in Florida.


Hope scholarship foundation strengthen public-education by offering options to struggling school children who resides in Florida. Financial aids are given to parents through the scholarship programs so that they might have an equal opportunity to find the educational options that work best for their children.

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