Georgia Tech Tuition, Admission Requirements And Acceptance Rate

Do you want to know about Georgia Tech? Are you interested in getting into the school and seeking for information on how to go about it? Is there some other reason not mentioned yet for which you would like to take a glimpse into Georgia Tech? Whatever your reason is, you are sure bound to find your answer here in this pieces, and your hunger for information on Georgia Tech satiated. Follow patiently.

About Georgia Tech

Located in Atlanta Georgia, the Georgia institute of technology, (also known as Georgia Tech or Tech in the Georgia State), is an institute of technology and public research university. Its satellite campuses are located around the world in places such as Shenzhen, Ireland, Savannah, Metz, Singapore, Georgia, and is part of the university system of Georgia.

Nathaniel E. Harris and John Fletcher (a politician and an industrialist respectively) were of the strong believe that the technology of the south needs to be well improved so as to compete with the industrial revolution that is happening in the North. This gave birth to the introduction of the idea of a technology school 1865.

The Georgia State legislature visited the Northeast in 1882 in order to obtain firsthand information on how technology schools operate. The polytechnic model of education that was developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Worcester Polytechnic institute impressed them greatly.

The Worcester Model was adapted, and Henry D. Mcdaniel, who was Georgia Governor at the time signed the bill for the creation and funding of the new school on the 13th day of October 1885. 4 acres of land from a failed suburb called Peters Park was donated to the state by Peter Richards in 1887. Peter Richard also sold another 5 acres to the state for $10,000.

Georgia Tech opened in the fall of 1888 with 2 buildings which were equal in size. The President of the United States visited Georgia Tech on the 20th of October 2005, where he delivered a speech on the importance of Technology education and gave handshakes to each student thereafter.

Georgia Tech assumed the name it presently bears in the year 1948, as its name was actually Georgia school of technology when it was founded. This was part of an effort to majorly focus on scientific research and advanced technology. Unlike many other institutions with similar names such as California institute of Tech and MIT, Georgia Tech is a public institution.

Georgia gets funding from the state of Georgia, Research grants, alumni contributions, Tuition, and so on.

Georgia Tech is a top 10 research university that has students from 50 states and 149 countries. The school’s current student population stands at about 40,000. Georgia Tech offers amazingly outstanding programs in fields such as liberal as arts, sciences, design and business. The engineering and tech colleges of Georgia Tech are the largest among the highest ranked in the nation. It is among the nation’s most researched intensive institutions, fetching more than $1billion in research awards annually across all its 6 colleges.

Georgia Tech Entry Requirements And Eligibility

If you are planning on getting into the school, you sure will want to know what qualifications you are required to meet up to before you can be considered for admission. Here we have the entry requirements for Georgia Tech.

For first year admission, the requirements are;

  • Official high school transcripts with 9 to 12 courses and 9th to 11th grades.
  • Official SAT (scholastic assessment test) or ACT (American College Test) scores.
  • other additional not yet specified documentations may be requested and should also be provided
  • If you are a Transfer student, the requirements needed for admission are;
  • You must be an high school graduate before the application available period
  • a GPA of 3.3 on 4.0 scale for college of engineering and college of computing applicants 3.0 of 4.0 for Scheller college of business, Ivan Allen College of liberal arts, College of sciences, and college of design
  • Must have concluded a minimum no of 45 quarter credit hours. Students who have earned college credits through examination or dual enrolment are also included on this.
  • If you are an international student seeking transfer to Georgia Tech, you must have graduated from secondary school and have a minimum of 30 semester credit hours.
  • An official transcript from each institution you have enrolled
  • A foreign credit evaluation with a robust course assessment and GPA.
  • Must meet up with the required English Language Proficiency Requirements for the intended study major.

You are considered an international student by Georgia Tech if;

  • You are outside the United States and will require either of an F1 or J1 Visa to study in the US
  • You are currently going through the process of becoming a permanent resident by has not completed on it yet
  • You are living in the United States with a non-immigrant Visa

For graduate admissions;

  • You must have an undergraduate degree and be ready to pursue a masters or PhD
  • You must satisfy the required proof of English proficiency
  • You must submit the required letters of recommendation

These are the eligibility requirements needed for admission into Georgia Tech. A visit to the school website may actually give you more information about the qualifications.

Georgia Tech Tuition and Fees

The Georgia Tech Tuition is $10,258 annually for in-state residents, an amount 38% higher than the average national 38%. Housing goes for about $12,090, books and supplies goes for around $800. Other living expenses are about $4,060.

Other fees to be paid totaled around $2,594. For out of state residents, all fees and payments are at the same budget amount except tuition which stands at $31,370.

Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate

Getting into Georgia Tech is no child’s play on any way. It is a highly competitive school. It is estimated in some quarters that the average GPA for student admitted students at the school is about 3.8 of 4.0.

Crazily high right? The school accepts students at the top of their school class. However, Georgia Tech may be difficult but not insurmountable. The acceptance rate for Georgia Tech is 21.3


So, there you have it, all you need to know about Georgia Tech. One obvious thing about the school is the fact that it is a high class, greatly competitive institution, a place for the best.

If you are ready for the challenge, then go ahead and put in for the school. An interesting experience is guaranteed. And please don’t forget to share this piece.

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