SFU Tuition, Admission Requirements And Acceptance Rate

In this guide, we will be talking about SFU tuition, admission requirements and acceptance rate.

Simon Fraser University (SFU), is an unrestricted research university located in, Canada and its base in British Columbia. The University was named after Simon Fraser who was an Explorer.

SFU was opened to the public on 9th September 1965. Simon Fraser University only took 30 months to develop from the idea stage into a nearly-complete campus with about 2,500 students in attendance, for that reason it was nick-named the “Instant University”.

In just 42 years Simon Fraser University has produced over 100,000 alumni, more than 700 tenure-track faculty and 1,600 staff members that are working effortlessly well.

SFU Main campus has mature and given rise to three other well-to-do campuses located in Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey with its reputation to have grown into one of innovative teaching, research, and community outreach.

Undergraduate and graduate programs at Simon Fraser run on a year-round, 3-semester schedule and is consistently ranked as Canada’s top comprehensive university and listed on the Times Higher Education list of 100 world universities under 50 years.

SFU Tuition

Tuition cost at Simon Fraser University depends on course of study, term of admission, number of credit hours registered.

Though tuition amount might vary on year to year basis, the estimated cost of attendance have been carefully outlined in this article.

As an undergraduate domestic applicant into SFU, tuition and fee is at the range of $6,950 while for non-Canadian residents (International Students) willing to get enrolled at the Simon Fraser University, the tuition fee will be at $31,460 or slightly more.

Estimated tuition / fee and other costs for one academic year

  Canadian Student International Student
Tuition and fees

(includes public transit pass)

$6,950 $31,460
Books and supplies $2,350 $2,350
Single residence room with meal plan $11,105 $11,105
Medical insurance             $255 $850
Total (CDN$)             $20,615 $45,765


Please note that, all cost highlighted are estimate due to the fact that cost might change at any time.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) Admission Requirements

SFU has requirements an applicant must have if He or She is to be considered for enrollment into the institution. The requirements put in place by the Simon Fraser University admission office is based on several categories.

For example, the requirements for a student to have attended high school in Canada is different from the requirements an international student has to show for admission process to be completed.

However, as you read on, this article has explained duly on each of these categories based on the requirements to be put in place when applying into Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Canadian high school admission requirements

For any applicant to have attended the Canadian high school is ought to submit these details to be considered for admission process.

  • All requisite Grade 11 courses or equivalents
  • English language requirement: Completion of the last 3 years of full time secondary school study in English language in Canada
  • Numerical and analytical skills requirement: Applicant must have a minimum grade of 60% or C in a higher-level mathematics course or its equivalents
  • A minimum of 6 Grade 12 U/M courses, including English ENG4U (minimum of 70% score) or its equivalent

International High School Admission Requirements

As an international high school student, there are basically two (2) admission pathways to Simon Fraser University.

  1. You can apply directly to SFU: Direct admission is suggested for students with advanced (high) academic scores. As an add-on to the grade necessity, students will need to meet the English Language, Quantitative and Analytical Skills, and any specific requirements based on program. You can also search for your Country’s Specific requirements on the school’s website.
  2. Through a pathway study system for international students offered by Fraser International College: The FIC program (Fraser International College) is a method of introducing international students to the Canadian post-secondary school system and render support as students experience the first study life in Canada and prepares them to meet Simon Fraser’s degree standards. After completion of the pathway program, students will be prepared to complete their degree at SFU. Benefits is that Students will gain from small class sizes and also a supportive community of other international students.

The two ways will allow you to accomplish and get your SFU degree.

SFU Transfer Students Requirements

Students who wish to transfer to Simon Fraser University must have covered at least 24 units of conveyable post-secondary course work.  If the student have completed 9 – 23 units has a good academic grade (a minimum GPA of a 2.0) the individual will be obligated to meet the high school admission demands.

However, if you have bad standings and have a GPA of less than 2.00 (60%), you will not be considered or offered admission.

Admission processes at Simon Fraser University is competitive. Prior to now, the average for admission consideration has ranged from a 2.50 GPA to a 3.50 GPA depending on the program choice.

Transfer Credit

The admission panel assess possible transfer credit only after they have received your application for admission. They may demand you provide elaborated course abstract issued by your post-secondary institution, which includes:

  • A statement of course objectives
  • The duration of weeks (excluding final exam period)
  • Hours of lecture per week (laboratory / tutorial / seminar / studio work) and the hours per week of mandatory open lab work or open studio work
  • Method of rating and grading
  • Textbook(s) used during course study
  • Amount of credits and units earned

SFU Acceptance Rate

The Simon Fraser University has an acceptance rate of 59% (that is, 59 students are enrolled for every 100 applications), with 9,692 students of admission from a total of 25,649 applicants as of 2019.

However, this acceptance rate varies for out-of-state students and domestic students. As of 2021, the SFU practical acceptance rate was approximately 55%.

In Conclusion

Gaining a chance to be admitted into the Simon Fraser University (SFU) is combative, and great academic results are necessary to boost your possibility of gaining admission into the institution.

Prior to now, the normal rating to get admission ranged from a 2.50 GPA to 3.50 GPA based on the program choice. A SAT score of 1500 or an ACT score of 34 or more will offer you many prospects to being considered for admission.

For an educational institution as exclusive as SFU, completing the rest of your application on time will also be helpful.

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