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Colorado Free University (CFU) is a life-long learning center that offers a broad variety of enrichment and skill-building courses. The institution is more of a learning-network than a traditional school.

Colorado Free University draws its lecturers from the community and all lecturers are independent contractors. Flexible schedule of classes are designed for busy adults who want to get new skills or useful information without having to commit a great amount of time.

Studying At Colorado Free University: How It Works

Classes at CFU are offered online and in-person in Denver. The institution offer courses in the following areas:

  • Spanish Center
  • Computer Training
  • Careers, Business & Non-profit Administration
  • Finance, & Real Estate
  • Creativity & the Arts
  • Personal Development & Communication
  • Leisure & Enrichment

CFU has new applications but old roots. The Colorado Free University was originally carved out of the free speech movement of the early 1970’s with a goal to make education more egalitarian.

The “Free” in Free University comes from the belief that there should not be limits to sharing knowledge or learning and that students should have the liberty to choose what they want to learn.

The first Free University in Denver was ‘Denver Free University’, it was established in 1969 and ran until 1986. In the 1970’s and 1980’s there were many Free Universities around the United States. Although, there is tuition for classes, there are no limitations on who can attend classes or requirements for participation.

After Denver Free University folded in 1987, John Hand established Colorado Free University (CFU) with less of a political and more of a community goal. John Hand believed that communities have the resources to solve their own problems within them.

For any problem or need a person might have, someone else in the community has a solution or answer. The aim of Colorado Free University is to bring those people together. Only a handful of free-standing, independent schools such as CFU are still in operation around the United States.

In the month of March, 2004, the founder of CFU, John Hand, was murdered. John Hand’s sister and a practicing clinical psychologist ‘Helen Hand’, took over as the leader of the school. Eventually, Helen Hand joined the two locations of the institution into one, in the neighborhood of east Denver.

As a result of the pandemic in 2020, CFU began offering both in-person and online classes. According to the school’s president, Helen Hand, “Something extraordinary happens when individuals come together with a desire to take control of their own lives, learn about important things, and strive to do new things”.

“Brainstorming possibilities, grappling with new ideas, and trying out a new-skill are all much more fun and lively when you do it with other independent minded people. Colorado Free University is truly a special resource.”

How To Register With Colorado Free University

Colorado Free University has a membership program. It is not compulsory for membership to enroll in classes. However, students must pay a non-member tuition if they choose not to purchase a membership.

The membership covers the costs of registration in order to sign you up for classes. If you chose not to be a member, you’ll be charged a higher-tuition to cover your registration process.

$25 Individual Membership: Tuition for members to enroll for classes and special events for twelve months.

$50 Family Membership: This is the same with an individual-membership for up to four people.

$75 Company Membership: This is the same with an individual-membership for unlimited number of employees.

Registration Process

You can register through the following processes:


Call: (303) 399-0093

You may register by phone with a MasterCard, Visa American Express or Discover.

Ensure you have the following information ready before you make the call:

Class title or course number and beginning date

Name and address

Credit card number and expiration date and the CVV number at the back of your card

Open hours for phone registration:

Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:00pm

When you call outside of the registration office hours, make sure you leave a message and they’ll get call you back!


Enable to print out the provided registration form. Complete the registration form by providing the right information and make a money order or check payable to “CFU”. It is important to note that, you’ll be charged a $32 service fee for each returned check.

Mail your registration to:

Colorado Free University

7653 East 1st Place

Denver, CO 80230


Colorado Free University’s office is located at 7653 East 1st Place, Denver, CO 80230 in the Lowry neighborhood.

Open Office hours are:

9:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Search for classes and register online via the CFU official website at

If you experience any difficulties, please call 303-399-0093

Colorado Free University Policies

CFU is complying with the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and local orders to increase the safety of students and lecturers attending classes in person. Students and lecturers must:

  1. Not attend any class if having any symptoms of sickness, including but not limited to fever, sore throat, cough, or experiencing difficulty in breathing or if you have been recently exposed.
  2. Receive Covid-19 vaccination. Full vaccination is considered 2 weeks after a second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, and 2 weeks after one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The institution highly recommends that students should receive the booster vaccination, when they are qualified.
  3. Always be on their mask within the building and in class, although, some exceptions will apply, such as eating or playing the flute.
  4. Remain at least 6 feet distance from each other all through class (Colorado Free University physically distances all classrooms)

Final Words On Colorado Free University

Enrollment for an in person class means that you will abide by the institution’s safety protocols. Attendance of an in person class entails that students choose to accept the risk of contracting COVID-19 and will not hold the school or the instructor responsible for any potential illness.

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