University Of Miami Tuition, Admission Requirement And Acceptance Rate

Popularly known as University of Miami is also called or informally called UM which is located in Coral Gables, Florida in the United States, is basically a private research university.

In 1925, UM was kicked off by a group of citizens who seek to enhance the American study system and also create unique opportunities to further creative work in the art and letters, conduct teachings and carry out research programs in tropical states.

Back in the year 2020, the university admitted about 18,000 students in their 12 different colleges and schools. UM have nearly 350 academic majors and programs which includes the Leonard M. Miller school of Medicine located in the Miami health district, school of Law in the main Campus, with other colleges.

Since the founding of the university, it has been prestigious and as of 2022, the University of Miami offers 134 Undergraduate programs, 148 Master Programs and 67 doctoral programs. Because of its prestige, the university has attracted from all 50 states in America and also students from 150 different countries have enrolled in their system of education in one way or the other.

Student Life at University of Miami

Having more focus on the states glorious weather, its national reputation, the University of Miami offers students unparalleled support academic wise, sports and culture, fitness and wellness programs. UM is a place where students’ involvement has been paramount since its inception.

University of Miami Tuition

The University of Miami has one of the expensive tuition fee in Florida. The academic session price list to attend UM on the undergraduate program offered by the university on a full time basis is estimated at $73,712 for all students regardless of residency (Both in-state students and Out-of-state student pay the same tuition price). The total price consist of the main tuition fee, room and board, books and supplies and other fee.

The breakdown of the cost of attending the University of Miami is shown below.


Expenses Undergraduate on Campus Undergraduate Off Campus or University Village With Relative or Parents








Housing and Meals
















University Health Insurance




Total Estimated cost





University of Miami Financial Aid

More than 70% of full-time undergraduate to attend UM have accessed financial aids via grants and student loan agencies, many more funding streams.

The average funding aid received is $37,452 per student during the 2019-2020 academic session. These financial helps are not meant to be paid back.

You can check out some of these grants below with their receiving percentage over the years.

Financial Aid Type Average per student Students Receiving
Total Grant and Scholarship Aid $37,452 70%
International grants and Scholarships $35,163 62%
Pell Grants $4,795 14%
Other Federal Grants $2,031 18%
State and Local Grants $9,683 27%
Federal student Loan


$3,544 26%
Other Students Loans $25,041 6%


Explanation of cost


  • Student Loans

To gauge a realistic sense of what it may actually cost you go to the University of Miami, a 10 years student loan has been fashioned with the main principal value of $110,544. This amount balance is for a four years spread. You may still be owing an average of $27,636upon graduation if you were qualified for an average financial aid.

Based on the calculations as seen below, you might need to pay a sum of $1,055 monthly to satisfy your student loan.

Be aware that financial aid is not a guarantee or right and is available only for qualified candidates.

*Federal student loans are different from grants and must be paid with specified interest.

Example of Student loan is the Stafford loan with interest of 2.75% cumulative.

Loan Amount ——————– $110,544

Stafford Loan interest ———- 2.75%

Repayment time —————– 10 years

Payment/month —————— $1,054.71

Total interest paid ————— $16,021.71

Loan Amount + Interest ——– $126,565.40

  • Cost of Attendance (COA)

The cost of attendance includes, direct bill charge from the university such as tuition, fee, room and board (for on-campus housing students). It also includes the indirect billed expenses that are likely to occur due to the nature of higher education system such as the transportation, books and supplies, personal expenses.

University of Miami Admission Requirements

Like other higher institutions, UM also has its guiding requirements when selecting students to enroll for each academic session.

However, the requirements for University of Miami is sub-divided into 3 categories are;

  1. First year admission requirement
  2. Transfer students admission requirements
  3. Veterans admission requirements

Each of these requirements determines based on mode of entry into the university. All guides on each sub-division is stated below

  1. First year admission requirement

The following are the requirements you must have to be considered for enrollment at University of Miami as a fresh grad from secondary school and has never attended college.

  • Official High School transcript
  • Must submit test scores: SAT and ACT scores is optional for those wishing to enroll for spring or fall
  • Complete school report
  • Submission of letter of recommendation: Letter could be submitted from either school teacher and to be submitted via the common app.
  • Addition requirement for special programs
  • Complete financial certification form for international applicants only.


  1. Transfer students admission requirements

If you have attended college before but wish to transfer into University of Miami, you will need to present;

  • Official college transcript
  • A complete college report
  • Letter of Recommendation (optional)
  • Additional requirement for special programs
  • Standardized test scores
  • Financial Aid documents
  1. Veterans admission requirements

These documents are needed for official documentation and review process

  • Official Transcripts
  • Complete the college report
  • letter of Recommendation
  • Send report for applicants with less than 30 college credits
  • Submission of your DD214 certificate of release is very important

*Please note that all applicants are to submit their application on the common app

University of Miami Acceptance Rate

The University is quite selective enrollment status with an acceptance rate of just 33% and an early acceptance rate of 41.1% so to get in you will have to hit a SAT score of between 1250 and 1420 or an ACT score of 28 to 32.


The University of Miami being a well-respected institution over the years guarantees a quality education for its students. It has been ranked as one of the top universities in Florida and one of the top universities in research programs around the world.

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