Howard University Tuition, Admission Requirements And Acceptance Rate

Howard University (commonly HU) is a private federal chartered university and historically a black research university located in Washington, D.C., United States.
HU is being categorized among the High research activity Doctoral Universities which is the R2 class and authorized by the Middle States Commission for Higher Education in the US.

Howard University has its history record as far back as 1867 (155 years ago). From its kickoff, the university has been concerned with promoting unity among all religions and open to people of all sexes and races.
HU offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees in about120 programs or more, which is more than any other historically black college in the nation.

The University has various landmarks that are historic on campus, such as the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, Frederick Douglass Memorial Hall, and the Founders Library, Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel. One of the features mostly known is the Howard Gallery of Art that was implanted by the Howard’s Board of Trustees in the year 1928. The gallery’s permanent compendium is over 4,000 works of art and has continued to grow and serve as an academic asset for the Howard community.

Howard University Tuition

It is no longer news that tuition cost of an institute is strongly and widely considered when making a suitable choice of investing into the higher educational goal of an individual.
However, Howard has made its tuition and fee cost considerably affordable when compared to other institutes in the United States.

The Tuition/fee of HU may vary as years go by and furthermore, tuition is mostly paid based on course of study. The 2021 tuition fees of Howard University is $28,440 for the undergraduate study students and $34,224 for graduates.

Please note that the tuition fee above are estimates and doesn’t include other cost of study items like Books and supplies, accommodation, Transportation and the likes that is why we have taken our time to break down the estimated cost of study as per mode of entry, course-by-course and so on.

General cost of attendance for Undergraduate Students

  • Tuition – $28,450
  • Mandatory Fee – $466
  • Housing – $9,300
  • Meal Plan – $5,378
  • Books and Supplies – $1,360
  • Transportation – $1,000
  • Personal/Misc Expenses – $2,160
  • Total = $48,114

It is of upmost importance to note that the Cost of study above is subdivided into two sections which are;

1. Direct Estimated Cost: These are items that will show on your Howard University bill which includes tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board (for on-campus students). This is the primary cost of HU education.
2. Indirect Estimated Cost: These costs will not be appended with your direct (primary) Howard bill, but are approximated costs connected with going to college and are deemed be enclosed in your budget bills. These include unit items like books, transportation and personal expenses.

General Cost of attendance for Graduate Students:

  • Tuition $33,860
  • Mandatory Fees $466
  • Graduate Certificate Program Fee $800
  • Graduate Development Fee $250
  • Housing $9,412
  • Meal Plan $3,964
  • Books and Supplies $1,360
  • Transportation $2,726
  • Personal/Misc Expenses $5,886
  • Total $58,724

Please be aware that health insurance opportunity provided by Howard University is not a regular cost of attendance essentials. But if a student is incapable of securing insurance from an insurance provider of their choice, they are free to request an increase in their cost of attendance through the Office of Financial Aid.

Howard University Admission Requirements

Likewise to most Top rated Universities in the United States, Howard has put in place some criteria and requirements in order to gain admission into the university. However, HU have several and different requirements needed depending on mode of entry (Domestic Students, International students, Transfer Students etc.)

Nevertheless, in this article, we have made it much easier to understand what is required of you based on mode of entry.

Howard University requirements to gain enrollment into the institute are as follows;

1. Domestic Freshman Admission Requirements

A student who hasn’t gain admission to a degree program at Howard University or any other post-secondary school of higher education is considered as a FTIC (First Time in College) student and also include student who have not graduated from high school.

These documents are needed to stand a chance to be considered for enrollment:

i. Recommended Course Work: This includes;
• 4 years English
• 3 years mathematics
• 2 years social science
• 2 years science (with laboratory practice)
• 2 years foreign language

ii. Official High school Transcripts
iii. Standardized Test: SAT or ACT test scores are not mandatory to get a first year entrance application complete. Students who do not refer test grades will not be discriminated in the entry procedure.
iv. Letter of Recommendation to be submitted via the common App.
v. Application Essay
vi. Additional Program Specific Requirements can be found here at the official application portal.

2. International Freshmen Application Requirements

Howard University accept applications from gifted non-domestic students as first-year (freshmen). That is, students who have never been offered admission into a degree program at HU.

Documents required to be considered for admission are listed below:
i. Recommended Course work
ii. High School academic Records
iii. Standardized Test: SAT or ACT, IELTS may be required if applicant is from a non-English speaking country
iv. Letters of recommendation
v. Application essays
vi. Additional Program Specific Requirements can be found here at the International students official application portal.

3. Graduate Students application requirements

This category of students have different requirements as per course of study. Click here to check your course requirement on HU’s official page.

Please note that, International students who wish to study in HU are advised to begin the admission procedure via the Common App at least one year before the time they wish to get into the University because extra time is usually essential for submission of required tests, academic documents, evaluations and immigration-related matters.

This process is applicable to United States citizens who have studied outside the United States.

Howard University Acceptance Rate

HU is a very reputable school, and as such they are very selective when it comes to selection of applicants. So getting high scores in SAT or ACT and good high school academic records is very important in standing a chance of gaining admission into the institution.

Howard University have an acceptance rate of 35% (i.e 35 students are selected on each 100 applicants) but an early application gives more chance of 52%.


It is very important to have a glance of the cost of being a student of Howard University. However, getting educational loans is very possible and faster application guarantees better chance.

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