Uniaversity of Oregon Tuition, Admission Requirements And Acceptance Rate

Yes, this piece is about the University of Oregon. If you have been desiring to know about the school, what it takes to get admitted for its program(s), the fees required and the admission process, you have arrived at the right place to get the information.

About The School

The University of Oregon was founded in 1876. It is a public flagship University that located along the Willamette River at 110, Johnson Hall, Eugene, Oregon on a 295 acre campus. Its Motto is ‘the mind moves mountain’, and its endowment is around $1.32billion as at 2021. University of Oregon has 22,298 students as at the fall of 2021.

Of the 22,298 students, 18,604 are undergraduates, while the remaining 3,694 students are postgraduate students

Despite its founding woes being a new state, on the 12th of October 1872, the Oregon legislature established the University of Oregon. $27,500 was raised by the residents of Eugene through numerous fundraising events which includes produce sales, strawberry festival, and church socials.

The money was used for purchase of an 18 acre land size and 155 students enrolled in the University in its first year, taught by 5 faculty members. The university could have been closed in 1881 as it got into debt of about $8000, but for the intervention of Henry Villard who donated $7000 to rescue the situation.

The board of Trustees of the University of Oregon had been governing the University since 2014. The university has about 19 research institutes and centers. In 1969, Association of American Universities admitted the University of Oregon into its fold. Due to University of Oregon’s very high research activity, it is classified among the R1 Doctoral universities.

The University Of Oregon Affiliations And Schools

University of Oregon has affiliations which includes academics and sports with reputable organisations such as;

  • National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program
  • Universities Research Association (URA)
  • Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)
  • Association of American Universities (AAU)
  • NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision.

UO is organized into five colleges, and seven professional schools plus graduate school. The five colleges are;

  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Honors

While the seven professional schools in UO are;

  • Journalism and Communication
  • Law
  • Arts and Design
  • Architecture and Environment
  • Planning, Public Policy and Management
  • Music and Dance
  • Accounting

The honors college of the University of Oregon is regarded as the oldest honors college in the US.  The school has over 300 academic programs and is one of the top 62 research universities in the United States. It also top the list of the top public universities in Oregon.

University of Oregon Admission Requirements, Eligibility

Knowing the admission requirements of an institution is a very important step to take if one has intention of applying to such institution for admission.  The following are the admission requirements of the University of Oregon for various programs;

For freshmen applicants;

  • You must be a graduate from an accredited, standard high school. If you are not so sure about your high schools accreditation status, please check well to see if your school features on the list of regional accreditors
  • You must have earn a C or a better grade than C in not less than 15 college preparatory courses.
  • English: 4 years- all 4 years has to be in literature and preparatory comparative composition, with expository prose writing and frequent practice well emphasized.
  • Mathematics: 3 years- first year algebra and also, 2 additional years of college-preparatory mathematics which should include algebra II or its equivalent is compulsory. Also, there is an high recommendation of an advanced mathematics course in your senior year
  • Social Studies: 3 years- 3 years of completed social studies from areas such as history, global studies, social studies electives and so on
  • Second language requirement option to be selected from the many options offered by the University of Oregon
  • Science: 3 years- this must include a year in 2 college preparatory science fields such as earth or physical science, physics, chemistry, and biology. Also, one laboratory science year is recommended.
  • You must submit your self-reported transcripts
  • Even though it is now optional for admissions at the University of Oregon, submission of Scholastic Admission Test or American College Test Scores is still a part of the admission process.
  • Submit an essay which will allow the school to learn more about you. This essay should not be more than 650 words. It should share information that the school cannot find in your application. Information such as; extracurricular activities, goals, life ambitions, special talents, significant life experience(s) unusual unique interests, and so on.
  • You can also submit a second essay, talking about what makes you and how that connects to the University of Oregon community. This is optional though

For transfer students, apart from meeting the above freshmen requirements you must,

  • Have completed 35 or fewer quarter credits by the expected enrollment time at the University of Oregon
  • You must have a good standing at your recent institution and be able to return to any previously attended institution
  • You must have a 2.25 or 2.5 minimum GPA if you are an Oregon resident or you are a non-Oregon resident respectively.
  • Meet up with the second language proficiency requirement for transfer students
  • For international students, apart from the one that is relevant to the applicant from the requirements stated above, applicants must;
  • Show English proficiency by providing official exam results from IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo English Test, ACT or SAT. If you are an applicant from China or its neighborhood, you interviews with InitialView
  • show proof of financial capacity that covers for first study year in University Oregon

If you belong in the list of applicants such as student veterans, homeschooled students, re-enrolling students, Post baccalaureate students, non-degree seeking students or students with GED, University of Oregon understands that one size does not fit all and the school is a place of diverse academic experiences.

You can contact the school to get direction on application if you are in any of the mentioned categories.

For graduate studies, apart from meeting any of the relevant requirements stated earlier, applicants must;

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree from a US college or University that is regionally accredited. An equivalent credential from a qualifying international institution is also accepted

These are the entry requirements for various programs at the University of Oregon. I’d any of these suits you just well, and you are good with the fee structures and acceptance rate which we will be discussing next, then you may apply for a UO program.

University of Oregon Tuition

Total cost estimate for attending the University of Oregon for residents is around $30,312, while the total for non-residents is around $56,688. Of this amounts, tuition is 13,857, for residents and 39,309 for non-residents.

University of Oregon Acceptance Rate

Average SAT score of those who gets into the University of Oregon is between 1,100 to 1,310. UO’s acceptance rate is 83.8%, somewhat selective if you ask me.


This is where we halt on the University of Oregon.  The piece may be short, but it has sure given you an in-depth knowledge of UO. How about sharing the knowledge by sharing this piece?

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