Internship For High School Students

Are you searching online for the best internship for high school students? You’re at the right place. This article features the top 10 best internship for high school students. Read on!

Internships are professional learning experiences that enable high-school students, college students, and recent graduates to take everything they’ve learned in the class and apply it in the field. They help you to develop and narrow down your career path and gain skills that will come in handy in the future.

Many employers prefer to hire interns because they bring lucrative ideas and energy to their company. Employers frequently hire interns as full-time employees after graduation, especially if they feel the intern’s expertise, work ethics or enthusiasm will benefit the company.

Interns usually last the length of a semester, summer break or school year.

Benefits of Internship For High School Students

Both virtual and in-person Internships help high-school students acquire professional skills and a foundation for their future careers. Through internships, high-school students can discover various career fields and areas of interest to narrow down the career path they would like to pursue in the future.

This discovery is encouraged through in person and virtual internships, giving high-school students series of opportunities to change their minds and think outside the box.

When a student determines their career path, choosing an internship related to their field of study helps them acquire a competitive edge among their peers.

When high-school students with internship experience apply for college or university, even a professional job, they can confidently add skills like teamwork, professionalism, organization and written communication to their resume.

Internships also provide students with the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills which will be useful at their university and in their companies.

What Is Virtual Internship?

A virtual internship is a work experience program where an individual (in this case, an intern) acquire experience remotely. The intern works in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the location of the job.

Virtual internship is strictly done online, interns communicate with their employer through different means including Skype, email, WhatsApp, instant messaging, phone conversations, project management tools, webinars, SMS messaging, etc.

Characteristics Of A Good Internship

  • Involves more than just administrative and clerical tasks
  • Provide a mentoring program to new entry interns
  • Helps students achieve and develop their learning goals
  • Motivates interns to offer lucrative ideas that help their business grow
  • Teaches the intern about the said company and its various roles within the organization.
  • Frequently give constructive feedback to the intern

What To Gain From A Quality Internship

  • Significant, real work experience
  • Experience in a specific field
  • Professional and academic contacts
  • Exposure to diverse employees at every level of the company

Here’s The Top 10 Best Internship For High School Students

  1. Crimson Internship

Crimson in association with Uber to offer an actual work experience opportunity for talented high-school students. The main goals of these programs are to create a foundational setting for high-school students to learn practical skills whilst being able to boost their careers development with early work experience.

The program provides students with the opportunity to comprehend how companies operate, how to become a team player to solve real-life problems and gain valuable mentorship by working together with industry leaders and mentors.

  1. NASA Internship

NASA science is focused on understanding the Earth better, through the Earth Observing System.

Discovering bodies throughout the Solar System with enhanced robotic spacecraft such as New Horizons.

Enhancing heliophysics through the efforts of the Science Mission Directorate’s Heliophysics Research Program

And lastly, studying astrophysics topics, such as ‘the Big Bang’, through the Great Observatories and associated programs.

NASA Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) paid internships enable high-school and university students to contribute to the agency projects under the guidance of an agency mentor.

  1. Google Computer Science Summer Institute

Computer Science Summer Institute: Online (CSSI)’s goal is to provide an internship for young, aspiring high-school students to enable them succeed by connecting incoming freshmen with like-minded peers and Google engineers.

  1. Smithsonian Youth Programs

Smithsonian Youth Programs have multiple opportunities for high-school students who are curious about culture, history, technology, design, and art. These programs are designed to help prepare high-school students for university and their future careers.

  1. Geosciences Bridge Program

This 6 weeks paid internship is for high-school students that are graduating and are interested in careers in the geosciences field. Through hands-on activities, lectures and field trips, students learn life skills that will prepare them for university and strengthen their academic skills.

  1. Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

This Program is a paid mentoring and summer internship program for high-schools students. The program is sponsored by the prestigious American Fisheries Society (AFS). Their mission is to encourage interest in careers in fisheries science and management among groups under-represented in the fisheries professions today.

  1. Free Virtual Work Experience Programs (Forage)

Forage offers virtual internships designed to assist you discover your career path. Their virtual work experience program links students to companies, replicating what it would look like to work at these companies.

Over 5-6 hours, students learn about the tools and skills needed during a typical company workday. This program is free, self-paced and open-access.

  1. Virtual YouUnited

This student-led non-profit organization provides a database of opportunities to high-school students, including internships, scholarships, volunteering, and competitions. Students can sign up for easy and flexible access to these resources.

  1. US Department of Education Internships

The United States Department of Education (ED) offers internships to college and high-school students interested in pursuing a career in government and federal-education, policy, and administration. Log on to their official website for current internship opportunities in the following areas:

  • Data Analytics
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management
  • Training and Development
  • Grants Management
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • And others!
  1. Chegg Internships (

High-school students can explore this database of internships, filtering by compensation and experience level. This site also provides articles and blogs with useful information about the internship application process, interviews, cover letters, etc.


Internship gives high-school student the opportunity to take advantage of any opportunity to gain real-world experience. This helps them to enhance their resume, boost their knowledge in a specific area, and better qualify them for competitive placements, programs, and classes.

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