Cameron Impact Scholarship 2022 - Requirements and How to Apply

Do you have what it takes to go for a highly competitive scholarship award? Perhaps you know someone who fits that feature and would be willing for a challenge. Then you should consider applying for Cameron Impact Scholarship.

A Scholarship is usually an opportunity, a blessing every student would wish to have on the journey of their academic life. It takes away the burden of having divided attention between thinking about paying tuition fees and trying to focus on studies at the same time.

It also takes away the burden of educational finance debt. Debt in any form is something no sane honorable individual will love to hang around his or her neck. With a good scholarship award like the Cameron Impact Scholarship, these issues are put to bed for good.

The scholarship award can be the solution that will actually send all your academic finance problems to the grave, never to return. If you never knew about the Cameron Impact Scholarship, you need not be bothered. This article features everything you need to know about it. Keep reading!

About Bryan Cameron Educational Foundation

The Bryan Cameron Educational Foundation was established in 2015. It was set up on the principle of making a difference by investing in young people’s education. Especially outstanding college student groups that are expected to impact positively the lives of colleagues, friends, families, and fellow citizens.

This philanthropic initiative of Bryan Cameron, the founder of the organization, was inspired by the appreciation and the recognition of his own blessings. The man has enjoyed a successful and long career in asset management.

The core values of the Bryan Cameron Educational Foundation are impact, choice, diversity, higher education, merit, accountability and service.

Bryan Cameron Educational Foundation aims to provide extraordinary young adults that see their college education as a stepping stone to a lifetime of professional and personal contribution with ample support.

All eligible students that seek to use their talents and gifts for positive impacts in the society and community at large can access the Bryan Cameron Educational Foundation Scholarship.

Scholars are empowered and trusted to make the best institution and areas of study choices to suit their goals and post collegiate paths. Therefore, school choice does not have a bearing on the decision to award a Cameron Impact Scholarship. The recipients are chosen even before committing to an undergraduate program.

What You Should Know About The Cameron Impact Scholarship Program

The Cameron Impact Scholarship is awarded to 10 to 15 exceptional high school students with demonstration of excellence in academic leadership, extracurricular activities, and community service.

It is a full tuition impact driven undergraduate scholarship program that lasts for the 4 years of college. Bryan Cameron Educational Foundation is of the firm believe that a college education is one of the worthiest and wisest investments anyone can have.

The Cameron Impact Scholarship is merit driven, and open to all applicants that meet up with the requirements, without consideration for race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and background factors.

Intelligence, integrity, motivation, willingness to serve, work ethics, are actually the necessary factors considered.

Cameron Impact Scholarship Requirements And Eligibility Criteria

25% of the Cameron Impact Scholarship is awarded to individuals who are pursuing careers in nonprofit, education, military, and government with a goal of serving the public.

The requirements to be met by applicants of the Cameron Impact Scholarship are;

  • Applicant must maintain a cumulative unweight minimum GPA of 3.7 in a 4.0 scale or its equivalent in their studies
  • You must be a full citizen of the United States of America
  • You must be in a high school graduating class
  • You must be ready to enroll at an accredited USA University or college for the full academic year that follows high school graduation.
  • Applicant must show strong work ethics, leadership motivation, excellence in extracurricular activities, and active participation in civic minded arenas/community service.

Applications for the scholarship are reviewed on a rolling bases, and the number of applicants to be considered for the class of 2023 is 3000. 100 finalists will be selected for face to face interview with the scholarship committee typically at the applicants’ high school in the fall.

The recipients of the Cameron Impact Scholarship must attend an annual Cameron Scholars award summit and ceremony for the 4 year duration of the scholarship.

Applicants may not have pre-existing relationships or related to any member of staff of the Bryan Cameron Educational Foundation, be it the selection committee or board of directors.

These are the eligibility requirements for the Cameron Impact Scholarship.

It is the belief of the Bryan Cameron Educational Foundation that one’s background and identity diversity fuels meaningful change spirit. The Foundation believes that the interactions of interest, ideas, cultures and identities of a diverse scholar family will produce global change and positive community.

How Do I Apply For The Cameron Impact Scholarship?

Applications for the Cameron Impact Scholarship are done online.

Visit the platform, fill out the online form then create a username and password.

After that, activate your account. Click on the application login on the portal and complete the essays.

Upload the necessary documents.

If your transcripts or recommendations have not been submitted during the application process, you need to mail it to the foundation before the deadline of the application.

Note that to avoid data loss, it is highly recommended you save references in word or similar format. This is because the system does not allow you to return to what you have saved at a later time.


This is where we will stop our discussion on the Cameron Impact Scholarship. If after reading about the requirements, you feel you are qualified or have someone who does, then you should go ahead and apply. You might just be the lucky one. Also read other similar articles recommended for you below.

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