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Want to learn how to make a grocery list for college students? Here’s everything you need to know.

Being a college student can be very tasking and draining without worrying about your feeding, right? Add in the daunting challenge of having to feed yourself and you have a situation that could easily snowball.

If you find yourself in this situation, I’m here to tell you that your life can be made a lot easier by making an efficient grocery list and whipping up quite easy, and filling meals without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Now, it is advisable to buy groceries that have a long shelf life and can be used for making a variety of meals. A well-planned shopping list allows you to conclude your grocery shopping in a jiffy and adhere to your eating plan.

Planning Your Budget

Ensuring there’s enough money for rent, bills, school supplies, food, and other miscellaneous needs can be very difficult. Not to mention having enough for a social life in college.

By planning wisely, you save money, which involves dedicating funds to other bills instead of spending the money on unnecessary frivolities. The following tips will ensure just that:

  • Develop a meal plan: In making a grocery list, you can minimize your expenditure with wise selections. It’s critical to avoid food waste since there’s no purpose in buying products that you probably won’t consume.
  • Buy in small quantities: Lesser portions might help you prevent wastage. When buying fresh perishables, buy in low quantities and consume them in a short period of time before they go bad.
  • Go to cheaper stores: Certain items are significantly less expensive in the supermarket compared to the stores on campus. This is especially true for items like confectioneries, which you may be tempted to purchase from grocery stores in school to avoid time wastage. Go to the grocery store with a shopping list containing these staples, to ensure you always have both meals and snacks on demand.

What A Grocery List For College Students Should Look Like

With all that said, the most important thing in this conversation is the list itself. Here is a simple grocery list for college students looking to minimize spending and enjoy quality meals:

Eggs: Be it scrambled, fried, poached, or boiled, eggs serve up a terrific meal choice and can be bought in large quantities and stored in the fridge for a couple of days.

Boiled eggs can be eaten on the go as a snack for a quick protein boost, or if you’re looking for a nice meal to unwind after a stressful day, fried or scrambled eggs are a great dinner choice.

Cereal and breakfast items: The most important meal of the day, is breakfast. As you begin your day, you should nourish your body with high-fiber foods like whole grain cereals, whole wheat bread, cereal bars etc. Use fruits and nuts to supplement your breakfast and make it tastier.

Fruits and vegetables: Look for a variety of fruits and vegetables in season. They are a great source of vitamins that will help the body function at a high level and keep you away from the doctor’s office. You can always have fun with them by making smoothies with multiple fruits and veggies, and also using them as meal ingredients.

Milk and dairy products: Milk provides calcium which strengthens the bone structure and teeth. You should always get skimmed milk that is low in fat. Dairy products like cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt will also provide calcium and much-needed calories for the body.

Canned goods: Canned soups, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, and soy sauce always come in handy when you need to make quick but filling meals.

Meat, chicken and seafood: Great sources of protein. Can be used in different meals to spice up your food plan. Not bad alone either. Make sure you have a mini fridge to store these.

Spices: They bring out the flavor in your meals. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, curry, etc.

Beans: The best source of amino acids you can find. Try different varieties of beans for high protein and different nutrients. Always a source of satisfaction in your diet.

Snacks: These are very important, to say the least. You arrive in your dorm room after a stressful day, you don’t have the strength to make a meal, what do you do?

You go for your peanut butter and jelly or your trail mix or your oatmeal just to give that energy boost your body needs. It goes on and on. Some can be very satisfying. You can never go wrong with snacks.


Try out different recipes with your groceries and make sure every food class is sufficiently present in your meals. Cultivate the habit of planning out meals for certain days. It’ll only take your life as a college student easier.

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