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Have you always had a passion for fixing things? Are you among the few people that look at a moving car and wonder how it works? If yes, you should consider a career in becoming a professional mechanic.

Before going into the best mechanic schools in America, let’s have a quick review of the roles of a mechanic and their average median salary

Who Is An Auto Mechanic?

An Auto mechanic is one who has gone to a trade school (Mechanic School) and obtained a certificate. These trade schools teach you the technical know-how on everything concerning vehicles. Starting from the principles of combustion engine down to how to replace a tire rim.

An auto mechanic has the opportunity to work for automobile dealers, electric repairs and maintenance shops, automotive mechanics, tire shops, automotive parts, and accessories, etc. Some professionals in this field are self-employed and have their own automotive shops, having your own shop gives you more income.

However, before you consider opening your own workshop, it is advisable to have a unique business plan in place to make your workshop stand out. You’ll also need a business license and all the required documents, according to research, you’ll be needing roughly $50,000 to own a standard car repair shop.

If you do not have the resources to own a workshop, do not be discouraged. There is an increasing rate of companies seeking automotive mechanics, as a matter of fact, they earn good salaries.

According to USAjobs.gov, a mechanic who was posted by the Department of Air Force has a salary range of $24.41 – $28.56 per hour. However, according to USNews, the median salary of a mechanic in 2020 is $44,050. The best-paid 25% of mechanics earned $58,330 and the less-paid earned $32,570.

Benefits of Going To A Mechanic School

There are many benefits to attending a mechanic school, ranging from having a high chance of securing a job to learning about new technologies that will make life easier for you in your career. Besides, there are a whole lot of benefits to enrolling in a mechanic school.

  1. Learning Skills That Help Boost Your Career

Mechanic schools will expose you to a whole lot of equipment that will come in handy when you’re in the field, most mechanic schools offer courses in customer service, which will teach you how to deal with all sorts of customers.

In Addition to learning more about suspension systems, engines, and brakes, many mechanic schools teach you how to repair electronics. And you also have the opportunity to work on all types of vehicles such as; cars, trucks, farm trucks, motorcycles, etc.

  1. Better Driving Skills

Having a complete understanding of how a vehicle engine works enhances your driving skills, many mechanic schools include defensive driving in their curriculum which will teach you the best techniques in preventing accidents on the highway.

  1. Making Connections

You have the opportunity to meet new people in school, people who might turn out to be more successful than you in the future. Having good relationships with your classmates might help you secure a better job.

  1. Job Stability

The importance of vehicles cannot be overemphasized, people use their cars on a daily basis and when overused it tends to break down at a point.

So, being a mechanic offer some level of security because when you’re good at what you do, people will always look for you, and securing a job will be a piece of cake.

  1. Less Student Loan Debt

College students these days graduate with a huge amount of student loans to be paid. Going to a mechanic school such as a community college is much lesser and more affordable than enrolling in a college. After mechanic school, you enter an apprenticeship where you get paid while learning.

  1. Life Changing Technical

Mechanic schools will expose you to new technologies in your field. There is some software that will assist you to detect problems faster in a vehicle. You get to learn how to operate this software and become an expert.

Here’s A List Of The 10 Best Mechanic Schools In America

  1. McPherson College

Location: McPherson, Kansas

The McPherson Automotive Restoration Program is the most comprehensive automotive program in the whole of America, the duration of the program is four years and you have the opportunity to be exposed to a wealth of knowledge.

The school is equipped with a 33,000-square feet garage featuring 10 different mechanic labs where you’ll get to use different equipment.

  1. Universal Technical Institute

Location: 10 Campuses Nationwide

Universal Technical Institute offers a comprehensive 51-week automotive program for aspiring mechanics. Their area of specialty includes; collision repair, diesel, automotive, NASCAR tech, and motorcycle. Their classes usually begin every six weeks.

  1. University of Northwestern, Ohio

Location: Lima, Ohio

The UONH College of Applied Automotive Technologies’ provides prospective professional mechanics with an automotive program. Their courses include; automatic drive train engine diagnosis, electronics, repair suspension, comprised engine control system, and repair performance.

  1. Arizona Automotive Institute

Location: Glendale, Arizona

The Arizona Automotive Institute program provides its students with flexible class schedules, first-hand experience in workshops, and career-focused training. The institute specializes in four areas of skilled trade; Combination welding, HVAC repair, Heavy trucks, and Service technician.

  1. Lincoln College of Technology

Location: 45 Campuses Nationwide

Lincoln College of Technology offers a sophisticated automotive program, what makes this institution unique is the fact that they also offer students a comprehensive BMW training program producing BMW master technicians.

  1. New England Institute of Technology (NEIT)

Location: Warwick, Rhode Island

NEIT provides students with hands-on training in different areas of automotive mechanics, the institute specializes in the following areas; engine repair, engine construction and design, suspension and steering, electricity, transmissions, fuel, ignition systems, and emission controls.

Plus, and perhaps most importantly, the school also offers a high-performance program that explores aftermarket horsepower add-ons.

  1. WyoTech

Location: 6 Campuses Nationwide

WyoTech provides sophisticated automotive programs in the following areas; basic engine management systems, drivability diagnostics, chassis work, and drive train systems. Plus, they offer a top-notch motorcycle repair program.

  1. Pennco Tech

Location: Bristol, Pennsylvania

Pennco Tech is a top trade school that offers a sophisticated automotive program that focuses on workshop safety and tools, electrical systems, welding, power trains, brakes, reconditioning, and computerized engine diagnostics.

  1. New York Automotive and Diesel Institute

Location: New York, New York

New York Automotive and Diesel Institute is certified by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and they offer six programs ranging from 12 to 24 months period. Students have the opportunity to train in; diesel mechanics, automotive repair, a combination of both, or in collision repair.

  1. Automotive Training Center

Location: Exton, Pennsylvania

Automotive Training Institute offers several programs ranging from 15 to 20 months period. The school utilizes industry standard tools and most of its instructors are ASE certified with first-hand experience producing master technicians.

Final Words

Professionals with mechanic jobs can work in a variety of professional environments including repair shops, vehicle dealerships, and construction firms. Mechanics are also paid handsomely depending on your location of work and educational background.

Having gone to a mechanic school gives you an edge over mechanics with just a high school diploma, and you get to know more and gain experience to help boost your career to the next level.

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